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Nick "NS Garage" Simon

(x) 2000 iRating- 6/30/2014

(x) 3000 iRating- 2/21/2020

Highest Career iRating - 3698 (02/19/2023)

Oval Racing Wins -

NASCAR iRacing Series Fixed - 1 Win

NASCAR Class A Fixed - 7 Wins

NASCAR Class B Fixed - 4 Wins

NASCAR Class C Fixed - 16 Wins

NASCAR ARCA Series - 4 Wins

iRacing Legend Car Rookie - 3 Wins

iRacing Street Stock Rookie - 8 Wins

2020S1 Class A Fixed TimeTrial Division 8 Champ

2020S2 Class A Fixed TimeTrial Division 8 Champ

2020S2 Class A Fixed TimeTrial 2nd Overall


(x) First R Street Stock Win- 6/9/14 (Charlotte)

(x) First Legends Win- 6/23/14 (USA)

(x) First Nationals Win- 7/19/18 (Daytona)

(x) First Truck Win- 9/4/14 (Charlotte)

(x) First NW Impala Win- 7/20/14 (Chicagoland)

(x) First NW Camaro Win- 7/30/14 (Iowa)

(x) First Carb Cup Win- 7/14/14 (Charlotte)

(x) First Chevy SS Win- 9/19/14 (New Hampshire)

(x) First A ZL1 Win - 12/12/19 (Chicagoland)

(X) First A Next Gen Win - 2/23/22 (Autoclub)

(x) First NiS Fixed Win- 7/23/22 (Pocono)

1st Oval Win- 6/9/14 R StreetStock @ Charlotte

5th Oval Win - 6/23/14 Legends @ USA

10th Oval Win- 6/29/14 R StreetStock @Charlotte

15th Oval Win- 6/4/14 Nationwide Camaro @ Iowa

20th Oval Win- 9/7/14 Trucks @ Charlotte

25th Oval Win - 6/29/17 Trucks @ Daytona

(x) Joined iRacing - 6/7/2014

(x) Received D License- 6/10/2014

(x) Received C License- 6/24/2014

(x) Received B License- 7/3/2014

(x) Received A License- 7/10/2014

Sweet Sweet Victory!

After a total of 85 career starts in the NASCAR iRacing Series, the NS Garage Camaro finally captures the victory. The win came in the 2022 week 21 race at Pocono. The team started the race in 3rd place before quickly taking the lead and leading 66 of the 88 laps in route to the win.

Concurring COTA

The checkered flag waves on week 6 of the NASCAR iRacing Series. The race at COTA may not be anything to brag about for the NS Garage reg customs Camaro, but it feels like a win to us. Road course racing is far from a strongsuit for the team so finishing with a car in one piece is the main goal. The team qualified 13th and kept the car pointed in the right direction and damage-free for the full race finishing in 17th. The finish earned the team 52 championship points, -10 iRating, and +0.05 Safety Rating. Focus now shifts to Richmond!

New Meets Old 2022

NS Garage has officially unveiled their 2022 Darlington Throwback paint scheme! The REG Customs scheme is throwing all the way back to 1965 to Ralph Earnhardt and his Chevrolet Chevelle. The scheme is complete with 1960's style logos and 1969 Camaro branding.

2022 NiS Race #3 - Las Vegas

After a rough start to the 2022 NASCAR iRacing Series Season, a much needed break came in the form of Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The NS Garage Camaro qualified 8th and stayed inside the top 10 for the entire race, even running as high as 2nd at times. The team continued to stay consistent and minimize mistakes throughout the race's 134 laps, taking the checkered flag in 5th. The finish earned the team 189 championship points, 76 iRating, and 0.16 Safety Rating.

2022 NiS Race #2 - Autoclub Fontana

Race two of the season was not much kinder than Daytona for the NS Garage team. After qualifying 5th and running inside the top 5 for the early laps, the #8 Camaro brushed the wall on lap 46, but was able to continue on inside the top 10 throughout the race. On lap 94 the 2 car got loose and the NS Garage Camaro went to the outside to avoid him, but the 2 car over-corrected and came straight up into the NS Garage Camaro causing severe damage. The team was able to repair most of the damage under caution and returned to the track in 21st on the lead lap for the lap 98 restart. In the final 2 laps of the race the team was able to claw the battered car up 5 spots to 16th place for the checkered flag. This finish earned the team 121 championship points and resulted in +13 iRating and -.10 Safety Rating.

NiS 2022 Daytona 500

The first official race of the season for NS Garage did not go as planned. After qualifying 12th and running up towards the front, the leaders crashed on lap 81 and collected the NS Garage #8 Camaro in the process. This gave the team severe damage and hurt the motor. The team spent the rest of the race repairing the car and clawing to grab whatever positions it could. At the checkered flag the team crossed the finish line in 23rd place collecting 82 championship points. This finish resulted in -22 iRating and +1.28 Safety Rating. We'll put this race behind us and move on to Auto Club next week.

NiS 2022 Clash at the LA Coliseum

In the first NASCAR iRacing Series Event of 2022, the Clash at the LA Coliseum, the NS Garage Camaro initially qualified 10th. After starting 3rd in the second heat and finishing 2nd, the #8 car was lined up to start 6th in the Clash. AFter a hard fought 154 laps through a Green-White-Checkered, the team brought the beaten Camaro home in 5th place.

2022 is looking Fresh!

NS Garage unveiled it's 2022 NS Garage and REG Customs paint schemes. These cars will be raced throughout the 2022 season. Can't wait to get some wins with these colors!

New Whip, Who Dis?

The Next Gen Car is officially here! We're looking forward to hitting the track in official races starting in 2022!

Fresh Paint!

A brand new paint scheme for the ARCA Menards series will soon be hitting the track! Abruzzi will be on the hood of the fresh look.

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